Friday, July 9, 2010

New Chicks, Again

I went to Dunlaps Hatchery on Tuesday and bought five one-week-old pullets, two Silver-laced Wyandottes, and three Barred Rock. This was the last batch of chicks they were raising for the season, so I jumped on it. Assuming they all make it, I'll then have three W and three BR hens. We'll keep them in the chicken tractor once they're all old enough and the roster has gone on to better things.

I found a design for a new chicken tractor in a chicken magazine, but I'm not sure we'll make one that elaborate. This design had an enclosed part one foot above ground level, with a ramp. Makes the whole thing taller, but gives shade even if the tractor is in the sun.

On the other hand, we could just do a taller enclosed bit that has a perch rail and a nest shelf inside, with a roof extension for shade outside. I'm hoping we'll get this done before winter. It would be nice to have a slightly larger tractor for six hens.

We've got most of the bathroom walls half-painted. The green color is darker than I expected. I'm usually pretty good at choosing the right color/shade, but oh well. I've bought the new towel racks and a new set of towels. Hopefully this weekend we can do another coat of green, then see if it needs more.

This bathroom is two offset rectangles, with the overlap being the connecting opening. The smaller rectangle is where the toilet and shower are. That's the area with termites. So we've left that unpainted. The wallboard is just going to get more holes in it before the termites are gone, so we'll wait to paint it.

The raspberries are producing, the tomatoes are growing, and I put in more bush beans, swiss chard, mixed lettuce and basil seeds last weekend - into pots. The chard out in the garden is just about ready to cut, but it's been gnawed on by slugs and earwigs. So I thought pots on the deck would be easier to keep an eye on. I'm hoping to see seeds germinating by the weekend.

Better go water!

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