Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Two

Today we begin actual classes. We'll be here in the Residence building because it's a holiday. Pretty convenient for us in Unit 5, since we're meeting in the common area right outside our rooms. In the pictures you can see the 5th floor right above that brick section that extends out. So the windows on our floor look directly out, across to the soccer field.

We walk past the soccer pitch into the campus to the dining hall for breakfast, as you see in the next picture. The food has been ok so far. Today was pancakes, ham slices, oatmeal, fruit, cold cereals, and toast. The coffee isn't as strong as I like it, but it tastes good.

So, in a few moments I'll be stepping outside my own door and directly into the class. I think we're working on footwork technique and some of the more difficult figures today, before we really get started on teaching practice tomorrow.

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