Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exam Day!

So, here it is, Thursday, Aug. 12th. I do my teaching exam at 3:50pm, assuming they don't go off the schedule. I'll go over with the other two afternoon candidates after lunch, and try not to be too nervous while I wait. I've practiced-taught my lesson a few times, hoping I'll remember everything.

My dance is "Lady of the Lake" from Book 25. Not a super-difficult dance, but it does have some devilish 1 1/4 turns which could be problematic. Let's hope my stooge dancers don't give me TOO many problems. A few would be good - so I can show the examiners that I know how to fix things. But endless problems will just push me over my time limit.

There are four of my classmates over there right now, either doing or waiting to do their exams. I hope we all do well and pass. I'm just going to take a shower and get ready now, so I'm not in a rush. We leave at 1:30 for the dance studio. Send me good thoughts!

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