Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Far, So Good!

I got the letter yesterday from the RSCDS, informing me I had passed. Of the seven people in my Unit 5 class, I've heard from Bernadette, Nigel, and Griff, all of whom have passed their RSCDS Teacher exam. That's four of us with a good result so far. Having seen how we all dance and teach during the two-week course, I have very good hopes that Hisako, Isobel and Pat will pass too.

The picture is from our Friday shopping trip to St. Jacobs. L to R, Hisako, Pat, Irene (our tutor), Isobel, and Lisa (our pianist). A warm day, but not drastically hot and humid. It was nice to get away from everything at TAC after the stress of our exams the day before. Isobel found some great clothes at the first shop we went into. There was a wonderful dress there that I almost bought. It fit really well, and would make a great ball dress - cool light-weight fabric, easy to wash, but still dressy. If it had been another color besides black, I certainly would have got it!

And we all had a wonderful time poking around in another shop, Ultimate Woman. Lots of really cute handbags, scarves, clothes and accessories. I bought a beautiful cut-velvet scarf showing two peacocks in jewel tones. I'm looking forward to using it this winter. Hisako and I also found a candy store that makes its own turkish delight, in about 20 different flavors! When we spotted that we both grabbed little bags and started choosing :). Mango, lemon, blueberry, mandarin orange, watermelon, cherry, lime...and really fresh too. I finished the last pieces yesterday.

It was a good two weeks. I enjoyed getting to know everyone, and I hope we'll stay in touch and become long-distance teaching colleagues.

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