Sunday, August 1, 2010

TAC SS 2010

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

So, here we are. I left Boise around 6am, got into Denver at 7:30, and then waited for the flight to Toronto until 11:30. So plenty of time wandering around the shops at Denver airport. I found Kathy Byers at our gate about an hour before our flight, so at least I had someone to talk to for part of the time. I forgot to eat anything for lunch, so by the time our flight got to Toronto I was very hungry.

Customs took almost an hour waiting in line. There were hordes of people from all over. You heard all kinds of accents and languages. I think a lot of planes had arrived at once. They had the usual snake-y line, so we walked back and forth across the room at least 10 times. Kind of comical really. Customs itself was very quick, once you actually got to an agent.

Then I got my bag and we found Hisako. She arrived earlier from Australia. So we went to the rental car place and headed off through Toronto. It was fairly simple from the airport. Just took one highway west until the turn-off for Waterloo/Kitchener. And the college was easy to find as well. Once we got there we put our luggage in our rooms and headed off for some dinner. We found a Thai place that was so-so, but at least it was food. Then we hunted down a Walmart. Not my favorite place, but it was open at that time of night and things were cheap. The other two had forgotten things. I picked up some odds and ends, like a small towel to use as a bathmat, a mug, and trail mix.

Then I unpacked and settled in. As you can see from the pictures, the rooms are *very* basic - and SMALL! But they are air conditioned and there's everything you need, including a reasonable desk and an internet connection. On each floor there are small common areas with kitchen stuff, including a fridge and a microwave.

This morning Hisako and I walked down Kings St. into the town. I didn't bring my camera, but I took a couple shots of the view from my window in that direction. There are lots of small shops and cafes. We stopped at one for a coffee and breakfast, then walked on. In the other direction on Kings there's a Starbucks and a 7-11. So I picked up a container of Tazo Chai and some milk. It's going to be a tough two weeks in some ways, with homework to do in the evenings and not a lot of free time. So it'll be nice to have a hot chai while I'm working away on lesson plans. I am please to say that my trusty laptop made the journey here safely and has caused me no trouble so far in connecting. This laptop has lived well beyond its sell-by date and traveled halfway around the world with me. I'm hoping to replace it later this year, but in a way I hate to give it up. It's been my lifeline to the outside world on so many occasions.

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