Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging Anniversary

This evening I read back to my first blog post, Sept. 3, 2007. It was the day I had five lipoma removed from my forearms. We got home just before a thunderstorm blew through, and the high winds ripped part of the roof off our carport.

It's amazing to think I've been doing this for over three years already. Still seems like I just started. I'm not sure it's served any high purpose, but it's helped me let off steam, think out loud, record events I want to remember, and communicate with the few friends who I *think* may still read my blog to keep up on my news. At least I hope some of them still read it :).

One thing blogging's done that isn't so positive is it's made me a much poorer correspondent. I think I use up my letter-writing time and energy doing the blog. Which means fewer long emails to long-distance friends. Sorry gang.

One significant event for our local community happened today and yesterday. The Idaho National Guard unit here, the 116th Cav, left for overseas deployment. They'll be training for a bit, then going to Iraq. Most of the guys I've talked to are much more up for it this time. Part of that is the improved situation since their last time there in 2004-05, but another part is definitely economic (ie: it's full time work). Our thoughts are with them all.

The Equinox is on Thursday. Fall is definitely in the air.

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