Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvest Weekend

Another busy weekend. Saturday hubby and I went to the annual Art in the Park in Boise. It can be more crafty than artsy, but if you're organized you can get some Christmas shopping done. I wasn't that organized this year, unfortunately, although I went with good intentions. But I did get some nice smelly handmade soaps and the usual toffee nuts. Plus a gorgeous skirt from kali basi. that will probably be my dressy dance skirt for St. Andrews, and whatever other events I go to for the rest of the season.

After walking through all of the booths we went to Tablerock brewpub for lunch. I had a really nice spinach salad with a curry vinaigrette, and an amazing Belgian style ale called Stumbling Monk. At 8.4% alcohol level the name seems appropriate. But even if it had been 0% it tasted wonderful.

After that we went to the Co-op for a few things, including a couple bottles of the Italian prosecco we tried at the tasting last weekend. We were so tired after our day out walking around in the sun that all we could manage for dinner was the prosecco, some cheese, bread, and my first Virginia Sweet tomato from the garden.

Today we went out to the Sunnyslope fruit and wine growing area. Surprisingly, Williamsons Fruit was closed on Sundays. So we ended up at Robison and Symms. I got peaches, nectarines and Bartlett pears. It would have been fun to get enough to do canning, but we just never have time in the Fall. We only have one free weekend left until the end of October, with all the events we're doing. Next weekend we're dancing at the Boise Highland Games, and Ken's band is playing at the monthly Contradance that evening. The next weekend we're part of the costumed volunteers at the History Museum's "Museum Comes to Life" event.

Then the first weekend of October, The Bru is playing for a wedding out in Buhl. These people came to the Snake River winery dance I called for back in January, and they want to do the same thing. The weekend after that is Trailing of the Sheep in Hailey-Ketchum. We'll probably go on the Saturday, unless the weather persuades us differently. It will be the first time we've gone. It's always sounded like an interesting thing to do, we've just never made it. I think a lot of our dancing friends will be there as well, all for different reasons. One of my friends is hoping to compete in the wool hand-spun yarn events.

The weather has been great this fall. Warm sunny days and cold nights, but very dry. So I continue being diligent about watering. The raspberries are still producing, but I think they had their last big blast this week. They'll start to slow down now. The tomatoes are loaded with green fruit. I just keep hoping there's enough sun and heat to ripen some of them before it frosts. The swiss chard continues to do well, but the beans have been disappointing. I had a real problem with slugs and earwigs this year. And birds. And grasshoppers. Just an odd year altogether.

After things are completely finished I'm going to make a point of pulling it all out or cutting things well back, and then piling on a LOT of compost and manure for the winter. I think the soil out in the garden is somewhat depleted. A good clear-out this year might help with the pest population as well. Give the bad bugs fewer hiding places.

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