Saturday, September 25, 2010

Museum Comes to Life

Had a busy, sunny morning at Museum Comes to Life. Ken and I dress in late 1800's clothing and I walk around with him while he plays violin. I contribute with the 'straws' on some tunes. We usually have Bill to play guitar, but he couldn't make it this year. So we wandered around, looking as much as contributing. Although at least five different people asked violin-related questions, so Ken was able to give out business cards. Always nice when people like the violin and he's able to say it's one he made :).

It got kinda hot by 1pm, and by that time Victoria, Brenda and Jasmine where there. So we adjourned to the Tablerock brew pub. I had their nice curried spinach salad again. Mmmm. Now we're home and I need to think about doing some chores rather than wasting time on FB.

I ordered my new laptop computer yesterday, from Best Buy. It should arrive next Friday. I'm looking forward to having a computer where everything works correctly and it doesn't take nearly 5 minutes to boot up. On the other hand, this faithful old Toshiba has been incredible. I think I'll actually miss it. I bought it in 2002, it's been most of the way round the world and back with me, and barely a problem. It was my lifeline to the outside world in Korea. It's got a few problems now - won't run Flash or Java, processes very slowly, I can rarely watch videos on You-Tube because they either don't run at all or go in stop-motion, and the springs on the lid have partially broken. Probably sooner rather than later the lid won't stay open any more or I'll run into a fatal software conflict and it'll crash.

So I set a budget, started shopping around, saved my pennies, and was finally able to order a new one. This one cost half of what the Toshiba did, but I tried to buy the most computer for the money that I could find. I'm hoping the new one will at least last four or five years, even if not eight. If I'd been able to spend more I would perhaps have bought something different. When I went into the store I immediately saw a new Toshiba with bigger and better everything - and it cost $300-400 more too! But there are other things we need to spend money on. So this new one will (I hope) be fine. I did way more research on it than with the Toshiba. Let's hope that doesn't jinx it! :)

Anyway, better get some chores done!

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