Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Weekend Away

Last weekend The Bru played for the Nampa Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Then we drove out to play a wedding in Buhl. I was the caller for dancing. The bride went to that event we did at Sawtooth winery in January, and wanted the same kind of thing for her wedding.

The reception was at the bride's family home, a large ranch outside of town. They have a big house with a large yard. Dinner was outside in the backyard. The band set up in the back of the garage. The dance space took up the rest of the garage floor. They put a portable dance floor next to the cement garage floor, so it increased the smooth space. Guests who didn't want to drive home afterwards could camp out in a nearby pasture. Which is what we did, along with a lot of the younger guests. The wedding couple had a big green Army tent set up at the far end of the pasture, so they could join the party.

The dancing went on until almost 11pm, and we all went back to our camps. I had a small shot of scotch with Tim and Ken, then went to bed. They joined the young people around the bonfire. I think they came back from the party around 2am. Ugh. We didn't get much sleep that night.

But it was a good event. The bride marshalled her bridal party and friends and got them to join in the dancing. I don't think they would have tried it if she hadn't convinced them. The first few dances were a bit rough, but they caught on fast and everyone had a good time. It was mostly easy stuff - Cumberland Reel, Gay Gordons, Reel for Jeannie, Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn Dance. It was fun. But we were exhausted on Sunday after we got home. I think Ken had a bug of some kind. He slept most of the day and had no appetite.

This weekend is the Trailing of the Sheep in Hailey/Ketchum. We haven't been, but it looks fun. And a lot of friends will be there too.

I bought a lot of Italian peppers and six Poblano peppers at the Farmers Market. Assuming I'm not totally wiped-out from Saturday, I plan to roast the peppers and freeze them for the winter. I should also make another batch of tomato sauce to freeze. We still have tomatoes ripening, but it's slowed down a lot. The raspberries have really slowed down too. I only got about 20 of them this morning. They're still producing new flower buds but the sunny weather isn't going to last much longer. We usually have frost overnight by the end of October.
How incredible that it's October already! Seems like it was just summer!

I picked up my new laptop computer last Friday, got it home, and tried to boot it up. But I couldn't get Windows to start. After letting it go through a few cycles of trying and failing, I shut it down. Took it into Best Buy on Saturday morning. The Geek Squad guy tried to get Windows to start but couldn't, and declared it defective. So I did an exchange. Which means I have to wait another week until a new unit gets here. Hopefully this one will be fine.

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