Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Stuff

Here are some pictures of my hens and the garden. See that Barred Rock hen in the front with the beady-eyed stare? You don't want to get too close to her - she's the mean one. I think she has delusions of rooster-hood. She'll try to nip my finger if I put it up to the wire. Good thing I wear gloves. Those two both go a little nuts when the dog is out with me. They run back and forth, pecking at the wire. You can see they'd just love to get at him.

We've got their tractor set under the apple and ash trees near the veg garden. The trees will lose their leaves soon, but even without them it's shelter. The snow doesn't get as deep there. It'll be interesting to figure out how we're going to keep their water bowl from freezing.

This is the sedum and achillea, with the delphinium on it's second flower in the corner. I am so impressed with this sedum. It looks good from the moment it comes out of the ground. No pests I've ever noticed, drought-tolerant. Pretty much care-free.

Here's what's left of the tomatoes and peppers. The flowers have been getting their second wind as well. I think they like the cooler weather. I'm hoping I can go another week without frost getting things. It would be nice to get more color on the peppers - they'll taste better. And some of the tomatoes are nearly ripe.

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