Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Autumn Storm

My delphinium on it's second flowering.

I did a first coat on the bathroom trim today. It never looks good with just one coat - all streaky, with the old paint showing through. So I'm not going to post a picture. I won't get to do the second coat for a few weeks, but once I do I'll put up a picture. Hopefully it will look better after that. We hope to do the termite thing sometime early in 2011, and then we'll have to re-finish, or even tear out the old plaster-board and replace it, to get those walls in shape for painting. So there's still a lot of painting to do in the other part of the room.

The chickens still have not laid any eggs. I expected the oldest hen to have at least begun laying by now, even if she didn't keep going for long. We had a good windy rainstorm last night, which brought down a lot of leaves, and t's rained off and on most of the day. If you compare it to last week's picture, you can see how many leaves fell. 'Sposed to rain until Tuesday. Then we may get a freeze on Tuesday night. So I might be doing the last harvest of veg that afternoon. I'm hoping for a bit more color on the peppers, and a few more leaves from the swiss chard. For now, I better get some more tomato sauce done.

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