Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Frosts

We had our first frosty morning on Wednesday. Nothing serious - even the peppers didn't have any damage. Tonight the forecast low is only 45F, so I don't need to break out the old sheets yet. I'm hoping to keep the peppers, tomatoes and swiss chard going a bit longer. There's still plenty of things out there that need to get riper, and the swiss chard could give us one more meal-sized harvest in a few days. The forecast is for highs in the mid 60's in the coming week, and low 40's-high 30's at night. But there's not much of this mild fall weather left. We sometimes have our first snow fall by the end of October. Certainly the frosty nights get more regular. So I could be limbering up that old sheet by the weekend.

Made more tomato sauce today with some of the older tomatoes. A lot of them have been ripening this week, so I have a big influx of new ones. Hopefully we'll get around to eating more of those. It's strange how once the weather turns colder I'm not as interested in tomatoes. And after my stomach bug this week, acid-y tomatoes just did not appeal.

I have a pie pumpkin I've been meaning to roast and make into a pumpkin pie. Maybe this weekend if there's time. We're hoping to do another coat of paint on the bathroom walls (at last!). Then I can paint the trim and put up the new towel racks. Be nice to hang the towels in the bathroom again. I'd really like to get the tile grout cleaned in the shower enclosure, but I'm not sure how much that costs. Might be worth renting a steam cleaner to try first.

I've been trying to transfer some of my old document files from the old computer to the new one. The photos take sooooo long to move over to the flash drive. I should get started on that after I finish here. After everything I want is moved, I then have to decide what to do with the old laptop. It still works ok, although it's very slow, the springs on the lid are gradually breaking, and it won't run Java. So someone who wanted it could certainly still use it. The most important thing is I need to delete a bunch of stuff. Once I've cleaned it up, I'm thinking of donating it to Computers for Kids here in Boise.

Anyway, better get moving on the computer chores.

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