Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of December

Well December has come in with a blast. We got about six inches of snow from yesterday afternoon through noon today. After that it warmed up a bit and some melted, but there's still plenty out there. The forecast predicted freezing rain tonight, but so far it hasn't shown up. Now *that's* precipitation I can do without. We live at the crest of a hill. Frozen roads do not agree with us.

Spent the day at home typing work stuff. Managed to get a lot of old stuff finished and sent off. Of course I'm already loaded up with new work, but that's nothing new. I have a bunch of interviews tomorrow, so I'm hoping the roads will be reasonable.

We knew there was no point in getting up early this morning, but even so we were outside as soon as it was light enough, taking pictures, taking care of chickens and shoveling snow.

I made sure the chickens weren't frozen and had enough water. Ken shoveled a path from the door and down the driveway so his customers and violin students could reach our front door without bringing all the snow inside with them.

I'm wishing we could put up the Christmas decorations, but the Pollard tradition is to wait until after R's birthday. So I'll get to it next weekend. This weekend I want to finally finish transferring all my files to the new computer. It won't take long, I just keep putting it off. I also need to put one more coat of paint on the bathroom trim. Maybe I can convince Ken to hang two of the towel racks as well. And if we're lucky, maybe we can get outside for a walk somewhere too.

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