Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Why does it always seem more cozy, warmer, and safer when it's snowing outside and you're watching it from inside? Strange how we humans can feel that way just looking out at the weather. Of course right now I'm only wishing for it to snow, it's not actually snowing. The forecast says we could have 2-3 inches by tomorrow, but so far today I've only seen a few flakes fall for maybe one or two minutes, and that was it. Guess we'll see what the morning brings.

Otherwise there's not much going on here. I'm looking forward to my haircut next week, and my plantar fascitis has improved a lot, but it still comes back a little if I'm not careful. It's been frustrating while this "rest" period has gone by. I came back from TAC Summer School in relatively good shape after two weeks of dancing. Almost right away I had to stop dancing because of the pain. So my activity level has been much lower than normal all winter. I've also found that I need to be very careful about what kind of shoes I wear :\. This whole getting older thing is not fun.

But! I expect to get back to more exercise this week! Dance class starts up at the end of January and I want to be ready. I also plan to go to the workshop and ball in Portland in March, and I want to be able to enjoy that without significant pain. So time to get busy!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I forgot to mention this last week - too much going on. One of my Wyandotte hens, probably the oldest one - she's a month older than the others - has started laying eggs! I found the first one a day or so after Christmas, and she's been about 90% reliable since then. I guess you know the days are getting noticeably longer when the chickens start laying. Wyandottes are supposed to be very hardy and lay nearly all year long. Nice to see at least one of them is living up to expectations! Once we have all six of them laying regularly we'll get four to six eggs a day, and be able to stop buying eggs.

First Snowshoe Hike of 2011

We went snowshoeing on Banner Ridge on Sunday. I think the high up there got to around 25F. Really not too bad, as long as it wasn't windy. And most of the time we were on the leeward side of the ridge, so we didn't get much wind. I wore long underwear and plenty of layers, so it didn't bother me. I was worried about the heel blisters I got last time I wore my hiking boots, so I put in shoe pads. That seemed to reduce my foot movement inside the boots quite a bit, and I had no problem.

It was a beautiful day, even if it was cloudy. There was a very light snow falling when we first started out, but it stopped, and we even had a few shafts of sunlight break through the clouds. We made it all the way to the Banner Ridge yurt, which we hadn't got to before. Not that it's so very far, we just hadn't gone that way yet. Now we know where it is, we really want to try staying there next year. We met some people on the trail who were on their way to stay for a few days, and a couple our age who had stayed there over Christmas with their family. I think it sleeps six to eight people. You pack in your own food, etc. Anyway, the problem is remembering in July that you want to reserve a weekend in December or January! I must find a way to remember to do that this time. It costs a little money, but it's probably a LOT cheaper than staying at Yellowstone. I'd like to do that too sometime, but....

Anyway, we had a good walk, and it was refreshing to get out into the mountains for a day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New 2011

Wow, from 50F to 15F in one week. The low has been in single digits for two nights. This is the frost flower on our storm door this morning. It kept growing until around noon, then started melting.

We thought we'd go snowshoeing on Friday or Saturday, but it was just too cold. We couldn't face being up there in 10-15 mph winds and 15F temps. The wind would make it feel even colder! But tomorrow it's supposed to be near 30F, which is much more bearable, and more what we're used to when we go.

It occurred to me this week that when people say "it's too cold to snow" they're really getting it backwards. It gets so cold because there are no clouds, so there's no snow, and thus much colder temperatures. It was funny to us, watching the Rose Bowl this morning and hearing the announcers complain about it being 45F this morning. ooh, brr.

The low is supposed to be about 11F tonight. Throw another blanket on the bed.

Happy New Year, all.