Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New 2011

Wow, from 50F to 15F in one week. The low has been in single digits for two nights. This is the frost flower on our storm door this morning. It kept growing until around noon, then started melting.

We thought we'd go snowshoeing on Friday or Saturday, but it was just too cold. We couldn't face being up there in 10-15 mph winds and 15F temps. The wind would make it feel even colder! But tomorrow it's supposed to be near 30F, which is much more bearable, and more what we're used to when we go.

It occurred to me this week that when people say "it's too cold to snow" they're really getting it backwards. It gets so cold because there are no clouds, so there's no snow, and thus much colder temperatures. It was funny to us, watching the Rose Bowl this morning and hearing the announcers complain about it being 45F this morning. ooh, brr.

The low is supposed to be about 11F tonight. Throw another blanket on the bed.

Happy New Year, all.

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