Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lazy Cold Weekend

It's cold here. We had frost flowers on the storm-door overnight, and the chicken's water bowls were mostly frozen. Aside from taking care of the hens, I haven't done much today. Except stitching four more rows on Mom's scarf and watching five cooking shows. We like Jacques Pepin and Cook's Country, and the others are just in-between.

We're getting more eggs from the hens now, usually five per day. Yes, we have six hens. So one of them is always taking a day off! I wonder sometimes if they've agreed to rotate the day off between them, because it's always the five hens that give us only four eggs. The single Wyandotte is very regular. In fact twice last week she gave us double-yolk eggs! I have a feeling she's happier alone. We may eventually put her in with the others, but I'm going to wait till she's recovered.

I might cut down the old raspberry canes today, while it's sunny. I'm hoping to set up a temporary fence around the veg garden and let the single W hen roam around eating bugs. I think we're supposed to get more wet weather this coming week, so it might be the best day for it.

The picture is my Mom's scarf - or at least the progress so far. It's a chevron, or ripple, pattern. I think the yarn is perhaps a bit too small in diameter for it, but it's soft, a gorgeous color, and easy care. So I'm hoping it turns out well.

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