Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Yarn

I started up crocheting again in December. I learned it from a friend back in the early 90's and managed to use up a whole skein of yarn on a "scarf". Well, it was supposed to be a scarf. I dug it out of storage to have a look. I don't think any of the rows are the same length as any other row. It's an interesting shape, but it sure ain't a long rectangle you could wrap around your neck!

So, this time I was determined to do a little better. There's no point in spending all the money and time and coming out with something unusable. I bought a few books and magazines, and found a yarn in a color I really loved. I figured that would keep me going if I decided it was boring.

But it hasn't been boring, so far. I'm really enjoying it! I've finished a scarf in an alpaca/acrylic blend, and most of another scarf in a wool blend. The alpaca scarf is dark purple with violet highlights. It matches a lot of my work clothes, so I've been wearing it at least a couple times a week.

The wool blend scarf is in a green variegated yarn. It isn't quite long enough yet. I think I'm going to add another foot or so to it. Then I'll try blocking it to spread out the stitches some, make it look a bit lacy.

I have also finished one of a pair of computer mitts (fingerless). The picture shows one cuff, and one half-finished. The backs of my hands get pretty cold while I'm using the computer, so I'm hoping these will help. The yarn is pure alpaca and I *love* the color. One of the pleasures of crochet, or knitting, is the color and feel of the yarn as you stitch. It's a heathered blue-green, but the green doesn't show up very well in the photo.

Unfortunately I miscounted the stitches in some rows and it turned out a lot bigger around the knuckles than it should be. So now I'm torn between unraveling it or just leaving it. It's not going to get any smaller. Alpaca doesn't have crimp in it like wool does. I'm wearing it now on my right hand (mouse hand). The edge around my fingers is waaaay too big. (sigh). I think I'll make the left hand mitt and try to get it the right size. If that works, I'll unravel the first one and re-do it.

As for other things, the chickens are laying two to four eggs a day now. I'm not sure which of them are doing it, but at least four of them are now fulfilling their destiny! Unfortunately there's a bit of pecking each other going on. It's too crowded for all of them in one tractor, now they're fully grown. That one aggressive Barred Rock is probably the main culprit, I'm guessing. So we're going to build a second chicken tractor and put the three Barred Rocks in it. They'll all have more room, and the three Wyandottes will be happier.

It's still icy cold here. It bugs me that so much of the U.S. is getting snow, but we haven't had any since before Christmas! No fair! More snow please! At least we've been able to go snowshoeing a couple times already. Last time we went to McCall. Hopefully we'll be able to go at least once more before the weather turns.

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