Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recipes from Venice

One of those cooking shows we saw this morning inspired our dinner. It was a trip to Venice to a cooking school. Two of the things they made sounded really good, and weren't too difficult. So we tried them. One was short ribs braised in wine, garlic and rosemary. The other was bell peppers and onions sauted a long time, and finished with a little balsamic vinegar.
These were from Travels with Ruth, episode 4, Enrica Rocca's Venice.
Both were really good, and quite simple. Ken made polenta in the microwave to go with it.

I did get out today to work in the garden. I cut back the old raspberry canes and dug up a lot of buttonweed roots. The ground is still a bit hard (we *are* dropping below freezing at night), but it's a good time to dig up weeds. None of those tiny hairy roots to hold them in so tightly like in summer. I also pulled a lot of the dead iris leaves away from the dwarf iris. There are a lot of bulb leaves showing now. I put in a lot of new bulbs last fall, tulips mostly. Sure hope they come up. Next I should get some compost out there so it can break down into the soil before the weather really turns warm.

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