Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowy February

After a weekend that felt like Spring, on Thursday we woke up to an inch of snow. I managed to get a decent picture just as the sun was rising. They're predicting possible snowfall every day until Wednesday. Thursday's snow melted by afternoon, but this morning, Saturday, we woke up to another dusting. More has fallen since sunrise, but it's not really sticking. So much for the early Spring weather, for now.

But it's got me thinking about seeds and the garden. Other people are talking about seeing bulb leaves peeking up, but I don't have any yet, not even the crocus. I'm hoping we'll have a more reasonable day this weekend when I can cut back the old raspberry canes and clear up the veg garden, and let the chickens roam around eating bugs. They tend to harbor a lot of bugs, and it wouldn't hurt to decrease that population a bit! We think we can set up a temporary fence around it so they don't wander too far. After they get used to it I may not worry so much. But we are surrounded by big dogs and I still don't know which one killed all our chickens last July.

Anyway, time to think about tomatoes and what else I'm going to grow this year. Definitely more rainbow chard and rhubarb. And I'm thinking I may dig up my asparagus and put it in it's own large pot. It's hard to keep up with the weeds in that area because I can't dig over it.

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