Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Big Project Started

Pagyesa Temple, outside Daegu, S. Korea. Looking upwards at the painted eaves.

I started a big project yesterday. Got a lot of the organizing done, which was the un-fun part that's been holding me back. Figured out where my Korea weekly journal was on the old laptop and copied from the emails into a document file, and went through all the photo CD's to figure out the chronological order. Hopefully I still remember well enough that I can put the pictures to the things I talk about in the journal. There are hundreds of photos. Not sure how many hundreds, but I was there a year and took roll after roll of 36 exposure film. This was back when digital cameras were still pretty expensive, so it was all Fuji film. Fortunately I got good advice and had all the pictures put onto CD disc when I got them developed. I kept the paper photos in order in little albums, and made sure to write my journal in enough detail that I hoped I could match them up later. We'll see.

Next, I'm trying to figure out where I'll put them (online), and how I want to organize everything. So far I'm thinking of a Flickr dump, then using selected photos linked from there in a separate blog about my year in Korea. It's a big job. So it'll take me a while. Just not sure of the most effective way to do it, yet.

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