Friday, March 18, 2011

Kind of a Rotten Week

We had a great time at the Portland SCD workshop and ball. I wore my dance sneakers for part of each class, then changed to ballet slippers. It seemed to help. I would have worn the dance sneakers the whole time but unfortunately they're a bit narrow in the toes, which pushed my left big toe over far enough to become painful after an hour or so. I've never been completely happy with the darn things, and now it looks like I can't wear them for more than two hours at a time.

There were other people there with a different make of dance sneaker that looked wider in the toe. I may have to find a pair like those instead. It does make a difference to my plantar fascitis when I have to stand for long periods in a dance class. If dance sneakers are what it takes to get through a long workshop class, then that's what it takes.

Anyway, I was able to do more than I expected during the day. Then Carol and I went out for dinner right away, and back to the hotel room. I soaked my feet in cold water for a bit, and we got ready for the ball.

I'd also expected I wouldn't be able to do more than half the dances at the ball. But in fact, I did at least two thirds of the program or more! I had to walk one or two, but even that wasn't as painful as it could have been. So we had a good time. The drive up went really well, sunny and dry. The drive back was windy and wet most of the time. Not snowy or icy, but not easy driving either. We got to Meridian about 10:30pm, and I got home around 11. Pretty good.

Then Tuesday was my sister's birthday. It was also the day she ended up having to take her dog in to the vet to be put to sleep. Callie suddenly started having a lot of trouble breathing, her gums were blue-ish, and she was having a lot of trouble getting up in time to go potty. Rather than waiting until Callie couldn't walk at all and then not be able to lift or carry her, or letting her suffocate because she couldn't breathe, Brenda decided to take her in. It was very sad. I lived there over a year, so Callie was a tiny bit my dog too, for a time. I stopped by to give Brenda a b-day present just a little while after she got home from the vet, so we talked and cried a bit.

As it happened, that was the same day our cat, Falfi, didn't come home in the evening as usual. He does roam outside, but he always comes back at night. He likes sitting on Ken's lap too much to stay out. It was odd he didn't come back because it was raining most of the afternoon and continued raining all night.

We looked in the morning but didn't find him. It's been 72 hours now and no sign. We're beginning to think the worst. We've been out looking each day in different places. We both miss Falfi. He's a good cat. But it's harder on Ken, since he spent so much time w/ Falfi at home.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Callie and Falfi. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet, let alone two. *hugs*