Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Vacuum Filled?

We may have a new cat.

Hubby noticed a cat hanging around over the weekend. He saw it run under the bushes and heard it meow, but didn't get a good look. Then on Monday afternoon I saw it sunning itself on the gravel in the garden area across from our side door. It was curled up in front of three old tumbleweeds that had blown there over the winter. At first I thought it was just another tumbleweed, but then it meowed at us.

We were just going out, but we stopped to see if it would let us pet it. Surprisingly it didn't run as we walked over, and after a few seconds it came to us and was very friendly. She's female, and either not very big or less than a year old - hard to say. But she's very affectionate and so far has been quite civilized in the house.

We've asked around a bit, and called the local cat shelter. They haven't had any inquiries about her. And they said that a lot of the cats they see are left behind by people who move away and just leave their cat. Why anyone would want to leave this cat I don't understand. She's very nice, well-behaved and seems to love everyone.

Anyway, we're taking care of her for now. There are probably a few more local neighbors we could ask, but it's looking more and more likely that we have ourselves a cat. We'll see...

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  1. aww, the universe is looking out for you two. She sounds very sweet. I can't understand people who will just leave their pets to fend for themselves. Thank goodness for animal lovers like you two to care for them.