Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Snow!

Yep, the weather did it to us again. This is our deck on Friday morning. You can see my newly-planted pots with very cold pansies, stocks and primroses in them. The long container is planted with salad greens, but none of them have done much yet. Just as well. The tulips are the one ones I put in last fall. I tried so hard to mix them up and yet they still seem to be in color groups. Argh. I think the latest we've had spring snow since I've lived here is early May. There's a post in this blog about it somewhere. Anyway, it was pretty wet snow, and it melted by mid-afternoon. Didn't even stick on the roads, which was convenient!

It's sunny today, so I really should be outside doing some gardening, but I also want to save some of my energy for this evening. Ken and I and the band are playing for a party at Hells Canyon Winery. I'll be standing most of the evening since I'm calling the dances. I tried to find a few different dances this time, as this group has done the same program twice already.

Last year's winery party was in Febrary, and I remember it snowed that evening. It was really cold in the wine storage room where they did the dancing. That was fine for the dancers, but pretty cold for the musicians and me, since we were mostly standing still.

Anyway, they planned it for later in the year this time, and it still snowed! Or at least it did yesterday. The forecast says it could snow again tonight, but right now the sky is mostly clear, if windy. So I guess another storm could blow in. We'll see.

I'm making some good progress on my crochet projects. I'm excited about the newest one. It's going to be a shawl made of blue and yellow star motifs stiched together. I just started on Thursday, so I'm not very far along, but I'm really enjoying the color changes in the yarn.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter.
This is the bed across from the deck, a week ago. You can already see a difference this weekend, plants are bigger and some of the tulips are in bloom.

I was definitely ready for the weekend by this Friday. Wanted to sleep in a little, but accidentally left my cellphone alarm on and it woke us at 6:30. We'd planned to get up around 7am anyway, so we just got up.

Went to the Boise Farmers Market this morning, the second weekend of the season. It was chilly, so most people were still in fleece and long pants, drinking coffee. There were lots of salad greens and other early veg, cheese, meats, and small plants. I bought two monkey flowers to put in a pot, croissants, asparagus, a lavender sachet, and a mini-pie for later this week.
Then we went to the Co-op for all those little things we can't find at the regular grocery store. Mostly teas and cheese. And wine. Today's finds were Pennywise Petit Syrah and Santa Christina.

Sofia the cat is recovering from being spayed on Wed. She's obviously feeling better today, but she still isn't supposed to go outside until next week. She's spelunking on my bookshelves as I type, exploring some of the nooks and crannies. We like that she's an affectionate cat, in spite of being female. She always wants to be near us, and tends to lay down in random places right near our feet if we're standing. It can get a little crazy when we're both cooking in the kitchen. We have to continually check under our feet so we don't step on her. So far we've missed her.

Tonight we made one of our favorite, if more fattening, dinners. Pasta in gorgonzola cheese sauce with sauted veg and flaked salmon. Yum. Good thing we don't do it very often. I made rhubarb oatmeal crumble on Thursday. It was really nice warm out of the oven. It's still good a few days later, but somewhat soggy. :\

I have lots of rhubarb, I'm already giving some away. Lots of eggs too. We've run out of egg boxes, again. The grass is getting long and weeds are starting to appear in my garden beds as the days get longer. If I have time tomorrow I may do some digging. Lots of little raspberry canes popping up well outside of where they should be. Need to nip those out before they get too established. I also want to *finally* plant my new Itoh peony. I'm still puzzling over where to put it, but I've got to decide soon and get it in the ground.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our new kitty, Sofia, doing what she does best - being lazy. Named for the tune, 'Sofia Duff Stewart's Favorite'. She's a very peaceful, quiet cat. And she's so well-camoflaged it can be hard to spot her outside on the driveway.

I've been out gardening again today. Cut off the old stems on perennials, planted some 'Lucifer' crocosmia, and *finally* planted veg seeds! I also pulled more rhubarb. This rhubarb plant Rules! The stems are nearly as big around as my wrist and it's growing so well I felt I had to take some out, or it would get too crowded. So we have another bunch of rhubarb stems waiting until I can cook them.

This is the cottage garden area, looking green and fairly happy. No flowers yet, but I haven't lost anything over the winter. I recently planted a Baptisia australis 'Twilight Prairieblues' next to the delphinium and the Russian sage (that empty area in the front-right). I'm hoping they'll complement each other. The delph and the baptisia are early summer bloomers and the sage is later. I had a penstemon in that spot, but it didn't make it through last winter. I'm hoping this plant will do better.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


A nearly computer-free day today. Except for just now, of course. Got up and worked for two hours on a crochet project. It's making good progress. I may even finish it in time. It's a gift, so I'm won't go into detail here.

Then I did some things in the garden. Pulled weeds, did some Spring pruning and tidied up the area across the driveway. Pruned back a lot of the juniper that tends to grow across the driveway. There's still plenty to do, but I got tired. Tomorrow I hope to plant seeds. I really must do it soon. I'd like to have good-sized seedlings to plant by the last week of May. I also want to dig some manure into the veg plot to give it some time to mellow before I plant there.

I have already pulled some rhubarb and made stewed rhubarb. This plant seems to be well ahead of most people's rhubarb. The early stems seemed sweeter than later in the season. I may be able to pull some tomorrow too.

The tulips are coming along, although only one has opened so far. In a week or so we'll have all kinds of them blooming. Hopefully in time for a bouquet on Easter. I definitely want to take pictures too, especially of the new ones.

Hurt my foot in dance class last Monday. Just when it was finally starting to feel almost better. Same problem, plantar fasciitis, except it pulled sharply all of a sudden while I was dancing. So I stopped and sat down. I'm to the point now where I want to find a sports doctor. This has been going on since August and I'm fed up!