Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Snow!

Yep, the weather did it to us again. This is our deck on Friday morning. You can see my newly-planted pots with very cold pansies, stocks and primroses in them. The long container is planted with salad greens, but none of them have done much yet. Just as well. The tulips are the one ones I put in last fall. I tried so hard to mix them up and yet they still seem to be in color groups. Argh. I think the latest we've had spring snow since I've lived here is early May. There's a post in this blog about it somewhere. Anyway, it was pretty wet snow, and it melted by mid-afternoon. Didn't even stick on the roads, which was convenient!

It's sunny today, so I really should be outside doing some gardening, but I also want to save some of my energy for this evening. Ken and I and the band are playing for a party at Hells Canyon Winery. I'll be standing most of the evening since I'm calling the dances. I tried to find a few different dances this time, as this group has done the same program twice already.

Last year's winery party was in Febrary, and I remember it snowed that evening. It was really cold in the wine storage room where they did the dancing. That was fine for the dancers, but pretty cold for the musicians and me, since we were mostly standing still.

Anyway, they planned it for later in the year this time, and it still snowed! Or at least it did yesterday. The forecast says it could snow again tonight, but right now the sky is mostly clear, if windy. So I guess another storm could blow in. We'll see.

I'm making some good progress on my crochet projects. I'm excited about the newest one. It's going to be a shawl made of blue and yellow star motifs stiched together. I just started on Thursday, so I'm not very far along, but I'm really enjoying the color changes in the yarn.

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