Saturday, April 16, 2011


A nearly computer-free day today. Except for just now, of course. Got up and worked for two hours on a crochet project. It's making good progress. I may even finish it in time. It's a gift, so I'm won't go into detail here.

Then I did some things in the garden. Pulled weeds, did some Spring pruning and tidied up the area across the driveway. Pruned back a lot of the juniper that tends to grow across the driveway. There's still plenty to do, but I got tired. Tomorrow I hope to plant seeds. I really must do it soon. I'd like to have good-sized seedlings to plant by the last week of May. I also want to dig some manure into the veg plot to give it some time to mellow before I plant there.

I have already pulled some rhubarb and made stewed rhubarb. This plant seems to be well ahead of most people's rhubarb. The early stems seemed sweeter than later in the season. I may be able to pull some tomorrow too.

The tulips are coming along, although only one has opened so far. In a week or so we'll have all kinds of them blooming. Hopefully in time for a bouquet on Easter. I definitely want to take pictures too, especially of the new ones.

Hurt my foot in dance class last Monday. Just when it was finally starting to feel almost better. Same problem, plantar fasciitis, except it pulled sharply all of a sudden while I was dancing. So I stopped and sat down. I'm to the point now where I want to find a sports doctor. This has been going on since August and I'm fed up!

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