Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Pictures

A few more shots of the cottage garden bed, with the tall bearded iris coming into bloom. So far the new plants are surviving well. The blue-eyed grass and poppy seem pretty happy. I just need to keep them watered well. The rudbeckia is very sensitive to being dry, so I check it every day. I remember the other one being like that its first year.

I managed to clip and wash the dog today. We found a tick on his ear flap. It must have just fastened on because it was near normal size. So we have to keep an eye out for ticks now. Sigh. I was pretty happy to not worry about ticks here. I guess if it's going to be wetter, we'll have to deal with it.

I have GIANT pole bean plants taking over the window. I'm hoping I'll be able to plant them out tomorrow, if it's not storming. Along with the tomato start I bought and the baby swiss chard. I have seedling tomatoes as well, but they aren't big enough to put out.

There's a thunder storm blowing in. It's been threatening all day but it may finally be going to do something. Hard to tell, since it's just windy and cloudy. We decided to water anyway, since you can't count on a good amount of water from these Spring storms.


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful. I love the contrast of the purple iris and am a big cottage gardener..I also blog and am a member of Blotanical. I am trying to process your application to Blotanical but need you to put the Blotanical badge on your blog. It can be found at...

    Once you do this I can continue to process your wonderful me when you are done at Donna

  2. It all looks wonderful and I like your plant choices. Ticks apparently are going to be a big problem this year so keep an eye on the dog.
    Goldenray Yorkies