Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yikes. I was just out in the veg garden area, pulling rhubarb. It rained all last weekend, which pretty much stopped my plans of digging over the veg patch, pulling weeds and putting in the seedlings. And now it's a complete jungle back there! I'm too embarrassed to put up a picture of it. I hope one of the guys will mow this weekend. The supposed "orchard" grass is really two-foot high cheat-grass and other weeds. At least my pots on the deck are doing well. I really like the monkey flower. The patterning is fascinating, and each one is different. The newest pot has a yellow marguerite daisy and cherry-red million bells. It hasn't really taken off yet, but it's on the verge.

At least the rhubarb is doing well. Whatever variety this is, it's heroic. The stalks are huge. The raspberries are coming along nicely, getting tall and bushy. I'm looking forward to lots of berries this summer.

We have egg build-up again. With six hens it can be challenging to use all the eggs. There's more than five dozen in the fridge. I've been taking a couple dozen to dance classes on Mondays, to give away. The Bru is rehearsing at our house tonight, so that's another two dozen gone, along with some rhubarb. We get things in return, so it all works out. Last week one of the other dancers brought me two quart bags of frozen black currants from her bushes. Yummy! I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I might try another oatmeal crumble.

The tall yellow and blue iris came into bloom this week. The orange ones are a bit later. These iris came from one of the yet-to-be-renovated beds in back of the house, so I'm guessing they're from the 1960's or 70's, when that part of the house was built. The yellow ones don't last well in rain.

Otherwise, there's plenty to do out there! There's so much I wanted to do earlier in the season but the weather didn't let me. Sure hope it doesn't rain this weekend as well. I really have to get the seedlings planted out or I might as well give up on them and buy plants at the farm supply.


  1. My garden's done the same thing. After getting totally disgusted trying to weed yesterday I gave up and just put down a weed blanket. I will sacrifice a bit of last years reseeded lettuce, but I just couldn't deal with it any more. Idaho's not supposed to be this fecund!

  2. Oh too bad I am so far away..we love fresh eggs....I can totally understand the jungle problem...we have had so much rain I have not been able to mow or weed and it is out of control with weeds...what a job it wil be to tackle it soon....lovely rhubarb...

  3. Pretty flowers. I love Iris, some of mine are blooming also. I'm your new follower, stop by mine when you have time.

  4. What a wonderful blog, I am so happy to have found it through Blotanical. I can totally relate to the jungle, we've had nothing but rain for months and I swear I've lost plants in the jungle of! Looking forward to following here, cheers Julia