Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainety Rain

This is our lilac. It's really bloomed well this year. I managed to prune it at the right time last season, and that appears to have made a difference.

Well, I was wrong about that storm not bringing much rain. It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. So we're getting a good soaking after all. And rather than planting out seedlings, hubby and I went to see a movie, "Source Code". I thought it was good! You get very engaged in trying to figure out the problem along with the main character. I read a review beforehand that said you really need to pay attention to every detail - and at the end I realized I had *still* missed things. So if you see it, pay attention to everything, even the stuff that looks like visual nonsense. I won't say more than that.

The seedlings really need to be put out soon, but the weather is delaying things. I could pot on the tomatoes without putting them outside. I've found it doesn't make a lot of difference here if I put them out mid-May or early June. The important thing is building up a good root system. The small ones soon catch up to the bigger ones when they're out in the sun. So I move them into slightly larger pots after they've reached six inches tall, and plant them deeply. Then they develop more roots along the buried stem. This year I'll probably put them outside by the 31st. I just need a good weekend to work on the veg plot beforehand!

We've decided to call the cat Sofia Underfoot. She's named after a Scottish tune, but this "surname" is incredibly apt, and it has a nice Tolkein-ish sound to it. I'm trying to get a picture as an example.


  1. ;~) Ours are Chocolat and (Catherine of) Aragon. There once was a Henry.

  2. Your lilac looks beautiful! And the story of your cat is the name. Welcome to Blotanical!