Sunday, June 26, 2011

Electronics Excess

There's nothing like packing for a month-long trip to make you realize how much stuff you think you need for daily life.  Clothes, shoes, toiletries, books, and the most recent "stuff" category - electronic gadgets.  Because it's a work trip, I have the added joy of traveling with an addtional computer and cellphone.  So, two phones, two computers, a camera, and an e-reader, plus all the cables, adapters and chargers.  It's ridiculous.  I resisted getting a cellphone until 2004 and now I have two of the bloody things.

I've been looking at the weather forecast in Sierra Vista for the coming week.  Tomorrow is supposed to be around 100F, but the rest of the week is "only" in the mid to upper 90's, with possible thunderstorms at the weekend.  Cooler than Phoenix anyway.  I think the higher altitude helps a bit.  It should be somewhat similar to Idaho in August, which I've managed to live through before, so I guess I can do it again.  But that heat means more laundry to do.  One of the more annoying aspects of staying in a hotel for a month is running up and down to the laundry and back.  I wish I could have got into the extended-stay apartments at the Marriott, but they were full.  Lots of Feds in that part of the state right now.  Probably the fires.  The latest I've seen is that the fire near town is now 75% contained.

The cottage garden area is doing very well, and other areas are kinda iffy.  I think I need to improve the soil in the beds across from our kitchen windows.  This is the delphinium, a siberian iris, and the phlomis tuberosa about two weeks ago, just after some rain.

 This is my parents' garden in California.  I spent a week here with them while Ken was at a violin-making workshop in Claremont.  It's funny how I used to think of So Cal as so dry and dreary.  Compated to Idaho in the summer it's paradise.

Here we are at the Eagle Renaissance Faire on June 18.  We did two performances.  The second one in falling rain.  How much more Scottish could it be - going to a summer event in the rain? :)
These are the Maltese Cross in my veg garden coming into full bloom a few weeks ago.  There's even more of them now.  They're at least four feet tall this year.  I might try the Chelsea Chop on them next year.  Or maybe cut back only 50% of the stems.  Might prevent some of the flopping problem I've had this year.

I did a 50% chop on the catmint and it's doing fine.  The un-chopped stems are in flower now, and the cut ones will come into bloom later.  The other exciting thing in this bed is that the new Itoh peony (you can just see it's leaves behind the pink geranium near the bottom) has a flower bud on it.  I hope I can get Ken to send me a picture if it flowers while I'm gone.

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