Tuesday, July 26, 2011


street in Bisbee
I did go to Bisbee last weekend.  It was fun.  I did the underground tour of the Copper Queen Mine, looked through the museum, walked up and down the streets, and had lunch at a mexican place.  I enjoyed going to Tombstone, but I think I prefered Bisbee.  There's lots of shopping there too - mostly expensive turquoise.  Too much for my budget but still fun to look at.  I've discovered I prefer spiderweb turquoise.  I'll have to see if I can find a good picture.  It's really pretty.

On the day before I left, I went to the historic old fort on Fort Huachuca.  They still have many of the old original buildings, the parade ground, and a small museum, built in the late 1800's.  Reminded me a lot of the buildings on Fort Harrison in Indy.  Similar architecture.  But such a different climate!

The Copper Queen mine entrance
The internet support for the hotel finally fixed my internet connection last Monday, so I was able to work normally the last week.  Flew home on Friday, and even my suitcase made back on the same day!

Saturday, after I worked in the garden a bit, cleaned house, did laundry and unpacked, we went to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at Eagle River Pavilion.  Basically one of those huge outdoor trailer stages set on a lawn.  There was a section of chairs near the stage, then an open area of grass for the cheaper seats.  Unfortunately for the band, the organizers had angled the trailer-stage badly, so the setting sun shone on them from their left.  It was hot and it meant the instruments were hard to keep in tune.  Unfortunately for us, the lawn seating area actually angled slightly backwards.  So not only was it hard to see over all the people in chairs, we were actually lower than we should have been.  The band was great, and I was thrilled to see Steve Martin live, but I do NOT recommend the venue.

down in the mine
On Sunday we went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  It was fun. I thought they did a good job ending the series.  I'd even see it again.  Then on Monday I did some shopping.  I have work clothes that need replacing and there were some great end-of-season sales.  It was nice to have three days of free time to get used to being at home again and catch up on my sleep.
old Fort Huachuca

the fort museum
This coming weekend we're going white-water rafting.  It's the trip I bought at the IRU silent auction in November.  I'm pretty sure it's a different part of the Payette than we've been on before, but we'll see.  It'll be nice just to get outside and enjoy.

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