Saturday, July 2, 2011

Settling In for the Month

Here I am in Sierra Vista, AZ, until July 22.  One week down, 21 days to go.

It's hot here.  It's averaged about 100F every day.  Sometimes there'll be a thunderstorm to cool things down into the high 70's, but not always.  They're pretty fun to watch though - lots of lightning.  Who knew this part of Arizona has a monsoon season.  The average rainfall here is highest in July and August, about 3".  Weird.

I've been working lots of overtime, but tomorrow I hope to drive out to Tombstone for a little sightseeing.  Today I went to the local farmers market, then did some grocery shopping.  I found a little cafetiere (coffee press) that makes one nice big mug of coffee.  So now I can make it as strong as I want and I don't have to keep going to Starbucks for a caffeine fix.  I may not drink as much as most coffee addicts, but I do get headaches if I go without for more than a day.  It's nice to have some real food after basically living on cereal and microwave dinners for most of the week.

I did find a few Korea restaurants in town though.  On Thursday evening I bought stir-fried squid and vegetables in chili sauce. I forget the Korean name for it.  It was one of my favorite lunches in South Korea.  They also make gim-bap.

I've driven up to Tucson and back at least twice this week.  When I first got here the landscape just looked dried up and barren.  But as I get used to it I see more and more.  Palo Verde trees, barrel cactus, prickly pear, saguaro, and lots of century plants.  There's other things as well but I haven't figured out what they are yet.  I've noticed that after I turn off I-10 and head south towards Sierra Vista, the cactus tends to peter out.  I'm guessing it's the increasing altitude, as SV is over 4600 feet.  The photo is the mountains to the west of town, as seen from Hwy 90.

I had to go to the western edge of south Tucson for one interview, on Mission Rd.  It's very near the Saguaro National monument.  Those were the first saguaro I'd seen outside of the landscaping at Tucson airport.  They're pretty impressive.  I'm hoping to see some up close before I go home.

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