Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend at Last

Thursday and Friday were two incredibly frustrating days.  The hotel's internet has been trouble free for three weeks.  But on Thursday it started slowing waaaaay down.  My work computer is required to be hard-wired to the internet with a cable.  I can't use wi-fi.  Usually this is a more secure connection.  But suddenly I couldn't do anything.  I wasn't able to send or receive email and I couldn't log into any of the admin programs, like my timesheet.

Finally on Friday I called the hotel's internet help desk.  The first guy I talked to checked things and found there was a faulty switch on the machines for the wired internet.  The wi-fi was fine.  He wasn't able to immediately fix it, but he said he would.  I had to leave, so I took off, hoping that when I got back things would be back to normal...

Five phone calls and six hours later, things were still not working.  I finally gave up waiting and went to dinner.  I am hoping today that I can at least do my timesheet for the week, but I just haven't had the will to try yet.  After so much stress for the last two days, I'm just going to relax this morning and figure out the internet connection later.

I don't really like living in a hotel, but there is something to be said for watching cable tv from bed w/ my coffee and computer near to hand.  Tomorrow I'm thinking of driving to Bisbee.

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