Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I strained my back on Saturday.  It wasn't even doing something cool!  I was just bending forward and *zing*, total lower back spasm.  It seemed to go away at first, but by two hours later it hurt pretty bad.  I spent most of Sunday lying down or moving very slowly.  So on Monday I went to the Dr.  They confirmed it was muscular, not sciatica or anything to do with the bulging disc in my lumbar vertebrae.  So now I'm icing, and on pain meds and muscle relaxants to get it under control.  On Friday I'll go see a physical therapist and hopefully he'll be able to recommend a few things.

I remember having back aches and tendonitis for months at a time in my 20's from dancing four-five days a week.  And yet it didn't slow me down much.  This is different.  Weird how as you get older your tolerance for aches and pains decreases.  And of course, due to the wear and tear, those aches and pains tend to stick around much longer than they did at 24.  At least my plantar fasciitis has really calmed down.  Probably because I haven't been able to exercise much for the past month and a half.  Hubby and I were just getting back to walking and doing the weights last week, and then this happens.  Hopefully I can get back to it by next week, or I'll be a total blob at the dance weekend I'm teaching in early October.  I need to get back some of my muscle tone for that.

Anyway, garden-wise, this has not been a great year.  Too many weeds enjoying the increased rainfall.  I really have to clear out the veg garden once everything has finished.  The raspberries are starting to produce more this week, but I'm having more problems with bugs eating them than I have in the past.  Lots of grasshoppers around.  Seems like the minute a berry turns red something is chewing on it.  So I'm tending to pick them a bit early, just to get whole fruit.

The lone tomato has fruit on it, but it's still green.  And the quail are eating the climbing beans as soon as they've formed.  I'll be lucky to get any beans at all.  I should net them I guess.  sigh.  At least I've got some blueberries this year.  Not a lot, but they're doing well.  So hopefully next year will be even better.

Oh well, sometimes you just have one of those years.

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