Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer in Sight

It's going to be really hot this week - the last blast of summer before Fall takes over, I think.  You can already see the days getting shorter.  And with the sun's angle moving north, the heat doesn't hang on into the late afternoon like it did just a month ago.  So we're getting night temps down into the 50's some nights.

The end of September is the end of the Fiscal Year.  So work is a real push from now til then.  And somehow in the midst of all of that overtime, I have to plan a whole day's worth of workshop lessons.  Two dances chosen, 6-8 more to go.  I really have to spend some time next weekend working on it.

So not much mental energy left for blogging, I'm afraid. At least my back is feeling a lot better.

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