Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rafting the Canyon on the Payette

Last weekend we did a full-day raft trip with Cascade Raft  & Kayak on the Payette river, class 3 and 4 rapids.  Wonderful!  I don't think Ken had been on a trip like that before.  I did a half-day trip on the Kicking Horse in the Canadian Rockies in 1993 that I think was about the same level, but on glacier water.  So very cold and a cloudy turquoise color.  And it could just be my inexperienced memory of it, but there was something about the character of the river bed on the Kicking Horse that made the swells of the rapids very tall, especially along the sides when the river went through a steep narrow ravine.  Seems like some of the swells were taller than my head.

Anyway, this was a longer trip with the most challenging rapids I've been on since then.  It started early in the day and the water is higher than normal for this time of year, so we wore wetsuits.  I thought I'd be hot, but I was very happy for the wetsuit for the whole day.  I almost didn't notice the huge waves of cold water falling over me. ;)  We had a great time.  I fully expected one of us might fall into the water, but we didn't.  We were one of three boats doing the run that day, and I think people fell out on one of the other boats.

Driving up into the mountains for the raft trip really put me into the mood for camping - the trees, the pine-scented air.  I'm hoping we can go for a weekend sometime before the end of August.  I'd really like to get up into the Sawtooths before it snows - unlike last year!

Otherwise, summer seems to be zipping by.  I can't believe it's August already.  It's just starting to get reliably into the 90's most days.  My raspberries are a bit behind, but they're just starting to really ripen.  By the end of next week I should be getting a few cups a day.  It has not been a good gardening year for me, mostly due to being away for all of July and a week in June.  So we only have one tomato plant, four pepper plants, some climbing beans and rainbow chard.  There's plenty of chard, but I have yet to harvest anything else.  I'm hoping the peppers do well.  They're the Italian kind that you roast.  It's really nice to have those in the freezer over the winter.

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