Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Busy Fall

We passed the halfway point last week and we're sliding down the steep part of the sine wave - the days are getting noticeably shorter.  It's harder and harder for me to get up in the mornings.  I hate getting up in the dark.  I can't tell what time it is at this time of year.  I may have to get myself some kind of clock with a glowing face, so I can just glance over and see what time it is.  Then fall back to sleep :).

We've had a really busy September, with the Highland Games performance, Museum Comes to Life the next weekend, the dance workshop I'm preparing for, the whole termite treatment going on, and dance classes starting up again on the 19th.  Plus, my dancers were kind enough to let me practice on them for two extra nights, so I could make all the teaching mistakes early and hopefully correct myself for the workshop.  Which is this coming weekend - ack!

Work has also been very busy this month.  I don't talk about my work very much.  Most of my friends know what I do and they don't ask about it.  It's pretty nice to have a job where I can make my own hours and work out of my home.  However, the past year has been more demanding on us worker-bees than usual, and this month has been a particular trial for me.  September is the end of the federal fiscal year for our business, so we are under greater pressure to finish work *on time*, and to do *more* of it (increases revenue for the year, don'tcha know).

So, more work and more volunteer activities with a public embarassment aspect to them add up to more stress than I prefer.  Most things have worked out well so far, thank goodness.  I hope to continue that trend.

I'm progressing with my crochet.  Still not as accurate as I'd like to be with neat, even stitches and a good finish, but I'm learning more skills.  I just started a scarf this month using motifs that you join as you go.  It's going to be lighter and more delicate than I expected (yarn choice is another thing I'm learning by doing), but I think it's going to be pretty.  I love the colors, and the motif itself is really pretty.

I find it to be a good stress-reliever.  Not nearly as physically active as Aikido (which I miss dreadfully), but it does take your mind off of other things.

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