Monday, October 10, 2011

Trailing of the Sheep

Carol, Cheri, Ken and I went up to Hailey on Saturday to see the Folklife Festival that's part of their Trailing of the Sheep weekend.  We watched sheep being sheared, looked at fiber, yarn, felt, finished fiber-art items, and all the various implements you can use to work with fiber.  There was sheep's milk cheese and merguez sausage to sample.  There were also Peruvian, Polish and Basque groups singing and dancing.  And we ate lamb!  Yum.  Brandi and Kelly were there too, so there were a whole gang of us Scottish dancers wandering around.

I bought some hand cream and a skein of Blue-faced Leicester sock-weight yarn.  Soooo soft!  I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet.  I have a crochet sock pattern that has you stitch the rows long-ways (from toe to cuff-top), which makes the sock stretchier, as crochet isn't a naturally stretchy as knitting.  I've already got some less-expensive variegated red sock yarn that I was going to try the pattern with.  I think I'll rehearse the pattern with that, and if I like it I might use the BFL yarn.  Blue-faced Leicester sheep wool has a longer but curly fiber that is very soft.  The long fibers mean it's less prickly (good for socks) and, if you're a beginning spinner, it's easier to spin.

In fact Cheri bought a drop spindle and some BFL roving at the event, and wants to give spinning a try.  So far I have no desire to spin.  I'm still working on getting better at crochet.  But who knows - maybe I can eventually take advantage of all these spinners around me ;).

Anyway, we had fun on Saturday.  And Ken was our hero for driving up there and back, and putting up with all the shopping and chatter. :)

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