Thursday, November 24, 2011


Had my sister, niece, and Ken's kids over for dinner today.  Ken made a wonderful turkey, I did the pies, Brenda brought our family's stuffing, yams, and an apple crisp, and of course we had all the other things.  It was nice to see everyone.  We've all been really busy.  I haven't seen Victoria, Beau, Brenda or Jasmine for months.

Guess I'm tired.  Not a lot to say, just some pictures.  Ken's wonderful turkey, and my "Christmas" cactus in bloom.  It seems to be a month off.

Work has been really busy.  But I got to drive up to Donnelly last Monday.  They had snow on the ground up there already.  It was a long drive but at least it was pretty.  This is snow falling over Cascade Lake (reservoir).  And the Payette River next to Crouch-Lowman highway.  What a difference from how high it was all this summer.

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