Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Snow Yet

It's been a very cold and dry November and now December.  Some La Nina year this is!  I'm hoping for a change next week.  It would be nice to have at least a dusting of snow by Christmas.

This was our dance class Christmas party on Monday.  So many people wore variations of red and black - and all unplanned!  Everyone brought really wonderful goodies.  It was a nice evening.

I'm really looking forward to having the week off between Christmas and New Year.  Work has been incredibly stressful for the past three months.  The new contract our company signed this year has spelled out what we need to acheive in our production statistics, and they're higher than ever - close to 100%, with bigger penalties for missing deadlines, mistakes, etc.  Although these metrics are supposed to be company-wide numbers, we investigators are being held to them individually.  Any failure to meet the numbers means our jobs are in danger.  So all the investigators I know live in constant fear of missing deadlines and appearing on management radar for corrective action.  As in - you have 30 days to bring your numbers up or you could be terminated.

For me this means that on any given day I must keep working until I've finished what's due that day, no matter what my personal engagements may be in the evening.  So far I've had to re-schedule hair cuts, dental appointments, and miss out on some of Ken's gigs.  I've not yet had to miss dance class when I'm scheduled to teach, but it almost happened once and could happen at any time.  Most Mondays I'm working until the very last minute, gulping down some dinner and walking out the door.  I try to think about what I'm teaching on Sunday nights, but most of my weekends I'm either catching up on chores and projects I couldn't do during the week, or just vegging out, happy to not have to *think* about anything for a while.

This is not the job it used to be.  There are lots of changes coming for 2012 and we don't yet know how that's going to affect us.  It could be good, but more likely it will just make our working lives even more unpleasant than they already are.  I know what you're thinking, and you're right.  But it's not the best economic climate for that kind of thing, so....

Otherwise, things are going as well as can be expected.  Except for the lack of snow, the run up to Christmas has been good.  I finished making the present for my Mom and found something good for Dad.  So now I just need to get those in the mail.  I have the Christmas cards - I just need to start writing and sending them!!  We want to put the tree up this weekend too.  Ken and I have a wreath project planned as well.  We have all the bits for it, we just need to get busy and put it together.  I'll put up a picture when it's done.

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