Sunday, December 18, 2011

That Christmasy Feeling

We put up the tree today.  It always takes a little furniture-juggling in our living room, but things will settle after a few days.  I still haven't finished the Christmas cards, but I hope to this week.  At least I've got the family presents that go in the mail ready to send tomorrow.  I hope they'll get there on time, but if not it will just extend Christmas a bit longer.

Ken and the Bru played for the Contra-dance last night.  I went along too, and was able to dance the whole night.  So nice to do that without foot pain.  I think the plantar fasciitis is gone, for now anyway.  There were about 15 couples, and most of them stayed through the evening.  A fair amount of new people too - even younger ones.  Let's hope they all keep coming to dance.  The contra-dance group could use some energetic youngters.

I went to the Boise Farmer's Market on Saturday, hoping to find some interesting gifts.  But it was pretty small, and nothing really grabbed me.  I did buy Nepalese dumplings from the Momo Dumplings guys, and some croissants from Cafe de Paris.  Yum!  I'm pretty well done with my gift list anyway.  Just stocking-stuffers to do now, and I've already found a few things for those.

It's going to be a very busy week, work-wise.  Lots to get done before I go on vacation.  It's probably a good thing there's no dance class tomorrow night.  I hope I can do it all and finish on time.

I'm going to start my first pair of crocheted socks while I'm off.  I'll really have to pay attention to swatching correctly if I want them to fit at all!  I'm still not convinced about crocheted socks, but these are stitched vertically rather than in rounds down from cuff to toe, so theoretically they'll be stretchier.  Guess we'll see!  I'll put up pictures on Ravelry if you want to follow my progress.

Merry Christmas and Joyful Solstice to all.

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