Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ballgown Revision

I don't have any pictures right now, but I'll find one.  I have a Victorian ballgown a friend made for me back in my late 20's.  Black Watch tartan in silk taffeta with a green velvet bodice.  It was always a lot of fun to wear, but it no longer quite fits.  So today I detached the bodice from the skirt and let the skirt out a few inches.  Well okay, about six inches (sigh).  It was made in two pieces and just attached at six points, so taking the two apart wasn't that hard.  I un-stitched about six inches of skirt from the waistband on each side of the closure, added more waistband, spread out the gathers to fit, and stitched the skirt back on.  Used velcro instead of a hook and eye.  Much easier to put on and adjust the size that way.

I'm doing all this for the Victorian ball the Bru is playing for in March.  I'm calling the dance.  This will be the second time and I'm tired of wearing the blue cotton gown I made.  So for the dance I'll wear the tartan skirt, an almost-off-the-shoulder blouse and the black velveteen bodice I use for Scottish Country dance demos.  I tried them on together today and it looks pretty good.  If my hair was longer I'd look like a Scottish lass on the cover of one of those silly romance flying, tartan skirt billowing in the wind, standing on a cliff looking out to sea. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I was happy the skirt re-make worked out well.  Now I just hope the blouse I ordered comes in time.  I think it's going to work.  If not I'll have to make something new.  Meanwhile until the one I ordered gets here, I won't know if I'm going to be making a blouse or not.

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