Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brief Catch-Up

Work is crazy.  Has been for a few months now.  We all can't wait until we get a few new people working in our area.  Thing is, non-work life is somewhat crazy as well.  The Burns Supper demo was last weekend, and I have two dance-calling gigs this month, and two next month.  No more invites to teach a workshop so far, but I'm sure getting alot of ceilidh/contra calling gigs.  Guess I'll have to learn more contra terminology!

I've been having fun with crochet.  Just finished a quick little neck-warmer in alpaca yarn.  The pattern is called "Queen Anne's Lace".  I added a third row because I wanted a wider scarf.  The edges are wider than the center, so when you wrap it around your neck it looks like a tall ruffle.  Kinda fun.  And really soft!  I just have to be a bit careful with it, as alpaca isn't as springy as wool and tends to stretch out but not come back.  That's why I did a short scarf.  Didn't want the weight to pull the scarf out.

I've also started a flower motif scarf in an inexpensive wool as a gift, and pretty soon I'm finally going to get started on my "pay-back" project for a friend.  We're doing a crafting trade.  She's knitting me a shawl in that amazing red yarn I showed off in my last post.  Madelinetosh "Tart".  I'm crocheting her a cowl.  Not sure what yarn she's chosen yet, so it'll be fun to see.

Tomorrow night The Bru is playing for a Father-Daughter Valentine's dance.  I'm calling.  It's only 8-9 dances, not a long evening, and they're all pretty easy.  Hopefully it will go well and the dancers will have fun.  Then the fourth Saturday of this month I'm debuting as a caller at the monthly Contra dance.  Just two Scottish ceilidh dances, not difficult.  I hope!

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