Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Like A Lion

Really tired these past few weeks.  Lots of overtime and other non-work activities taking up time.  Good to be busy with those, but still means less time for writing a blog.

Spring is here, but you'd never know it from the weather yesterday.  We had two inches of snow fall in the morning that melted by late afternoon.  Wish I'd got a picture of it, but I was driving to Weiser and back.  At least we got a good amount of water out of it.  And it wasn't as bad to drive in as it might have been if the temperatures were around freezing.

The Civil War Ball is this coming weekend.  My dances cue cards are ready to go.  Just have to iron the skirt on Saturday.  I was thinking about taking apart my first wedding dress so I could use the multi-layer skirt as a petticoat, instead of wearing hoops.  I thought it was just attached at a few points like my other ballgowns.  But no, it's sewn on all the way around.  I considered cutting it off, re-gathering and sewing it onto a waistband, but I just haven't had time with work as busy as it's been.  I might still do that, but not in the next few weeks.  So it's the hoops for the CW Ball.

The Katherine Hodgkins iris have come up, and are now past their best.  The tulips and daffodils are well out of the ground, but nothing has opened yet.  The daffs will probably open in the coming week, but the tulips are still a month away I'm guessing.  My rhubarb has started to unfurl its first leaves.  I keep thinking I might use a forcing jar on part of it one of these Springs, but I haven't yet.  We should be able to have stewed rhubarb by mid April though, at this rate.

Our Spring Break trip is coming up.  We're both looking forward to some time away.

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