Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garden Calling!

Wow, the end of April already and I've barely touched the garden.  Time to stop resting on my bulbs - er, laurels, and get out there.  All I've done so far is pick rhubarb, pull the odd weed and admire the daffs and tulips.  Time to start digging over the veg plot and putting in some plants or we won't have anything this summer.  I'm not going to go crazy, as we'll be gone a few times and the sprinkler timer isn't working.  But it's always nice to have our own tomatoes.

At least the sprinklers are pretty much back in shape.  Now I'm hoping to get some of the other areas back in shape.  I've lost a few plants over the past years because I was down to hand watering everything in the backyard border.  I'm lucky to have any roses left.

The iris are coming into bloom now the tulips are nearly finished.  The rhubarb is going crazy.  I'll have to start giving it away.  I've missed most of the asparagus due to my inattention.  Was out there this morning and found some very tall fronds well past being edible.  Ah well.  I may get a few more.  I'll just weed, fertilize and hope to bulk them up for next year.  The raspberries are going to be the real challenge.  I never cut them back this spring, so I'll have to get in there and do some chopping.  Leave some tall and cut back the rest.  That way I can spread out the season.

Lots of digging and weed pulling ahead.  But I also have some spaces to fill where a few things have died.  I've put in Penstemon 'Dark Towers' and Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' already, and I have a new geranium, veronica and dianthus waiting in the wings.  And the new peony survived.

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