Sunday, April 29, 2012

Out in the Garden At Last

I am so out of gardening shape!  But I struggled through it.  Didn't get all of the weeds in the veg plot, but at least a third of the area is cleared.  Cut back the raspberries, moved a few self-seeded things, and pulled a lot more rhubarb.  I grew maltese cross from seed some years back and they've been really good about self-seeding.  Might have to start potting them up to give away.  Same for the yarrow 'Terracotta'.  I have at least four more plants than I used to.

Ken was kind enough to mow around the cottage garden.  You can see from the picture that the weed crop is doing well this year.  I'm trying to look at this as a romantic path mown through a meadow...ahem!

Knocked the cottage garden area into shape a bit.  Cut off the rest of the old stems, pulled dead leaves out of the iris, weeded a bit, watered, and admired.  The dwarf iris are in full bloom.  They really put on a show.  If you want a good ground cover in full sun here in Idaho, dwarf iris are a great option.  I was really pleased to see the upright clematis made it through the winter and has put on some size.  I'm very interested to see how it behaves this year.  Haven't seen it in flower yet.

My Dad sent me a tall dahlia (well, tubers), 'Vancouver', for my birthday.  So I've put those in the half barrel where I have primroses now.  I've never grown them before, so we'll see how they go.  The next big job is pulling weeds in the driveway garden and figuring out where to put the three new plants.  I just don't have the energy today.

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