Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid May Already?

My Dad turned 80 yesterday.  80!  E.i.g.h.t.y.!!  Imagine being 80 yourself.  Finishing 8 decades.  It's strange to think of Dad having been around that long.  And I suppose as odd as that seems to me, it must seem odder to him, in introspective moments.  How things have changed since he was young

It's starting to get more reliably dry and sunny around here.  I always regret losing the rainy weather in Spring.  Now I really have to start thinking about making sure everything gets watered.  The iris are coming along quickly.  The yellow and blue ones opened this week.  The dark orange ones will be next, and after that we'll be into the earlier perennials.

I have a tomato start, Siberian.  I grew it once back in 2006 and it did pretty well for us.  Tasted good too.  It's an earlier one.  So maybe we'll have a few tomatoes ready before the end of July.  I want to start some seeds as well but I haven't had time yet.  Maybe next week.  I do have most of the pots planted up now.

I had a MRI on my left foot this week.  I go in on Monday to see what the podiatrist has to say about it.  Hopefully we can finally decide on whether I need surgery or not.  It's so frustrating to have this going on right now.  I've been having trouble with this foot since August 2010 after TAC Summer School.  First a year of plantar fasciitis, and now this.

I haven't done much crocheting this week.  My right hand is achy from weeding more often than not.  Not a good sign, but I'm trying not to worry about it.  One appendage giving me fits is quite enough.  I really need to change how I hold the yarn.  It would make a difference to my thumb joint.

I have so many crochet projects I want to get working on, but I'm making myself finish the two important ones I have in progress before I start another one.  It's interesting to see how your tastes change as you learn about a craft.  I've been back into crochet for a year and a half now.  I'm really more a Beginner-Intermediate, but on the other hand I haven't made any fitted garments yet.  I do have one or two in mind I'd like to make - some socks, and a cardigan made up of square motifs, but I want to do some other things first.  Improve my skills.  I'm already getting very opinionated about what I like and don't like.  I'm not into the "grandma" type projects at all.  I don't like granny squares, bobbles, or hats.  I'm not really interested in baby clothes.  I don't want to make any more triangular shawls than I already have in progress.  I've come to prefer crescents or half-circles.  Except for the truly amazing shawl Diane is knitting for me.  It's gorgeous.

Anyway, time for some sleep.  Hope you all have a good weekend.

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