Friday, May 25, 2012

Which Era Would You Choose?

A somewhat frivolous question I guess.  But if you could go back to any particular period of time in human history - to stay - where, or rather when, would you go?

No going back once you're there.  So you have to think carefully about it.  You'd be giving up a lot of important things, lots of advantages we have now that didn't exist even 50 or 60 years ago.

I'd like to say I'd go back to some romantic period, like the Renaissance, or La Belle Epoque, or perhaps the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine, or the 1920's.  But all of those are before antibiotics.  If I'd been born before WW II, I would not have survived early childhood.  I had pneumonia before I was a year old.  Then I got Whooping Cough about age 5, badly enough I spent time in the hospital.

Soooo... the rules for my little mind experiment also say that when you go back to your chosen time period you will be the same age you are now.  You could still die from a cut on your finger, but at least you'll be immune to all kinds of diseases that would otherwise have killed you before the age of 10.

Let's see, other rules...
You'll know who you are and where you came from, but you'll be able to speak whatever language existed in your chosen time.  As for your anachronistic behavior and clothing, and less-than-complete knowledge of local customs - you'll just just have to choose carefully!

In other news, I'm due to have surgery on my left foot on June 6th.  The Dr is going to repair a worn and stretched tendon under my second toe, and shorten the long bone inside the foot, so that toe joint doesn't extend quite so far beyond the two neighboring toe joints.  Hopefully that will reduce the impact of dancing on the ball of that foot.  And hopefully I won't be back in the podiatrist's office a year or so from now complaining about the other foot!

It's odd to think but the left foot does get more impact when I'm dancing.  That's the foot you hop on when you start moving, and it bears more of the load in tight turns and sudden accelerations.

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