Sunday, June 17, 2012


I made a cake this morning for the T&G Board meeting at our house.  Used a box cake mix, Lemon, but added juice from a real lemon as part of the liquid, and substituted a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt for one of the eggs.  I made lemon pudding for the filling between the two layers and used lemon juice and zest in that.  Then I wanted a creamy frosting, so I tried substituting plain yogurt in the butter cream frosting recipe instead of the milk.  It turned out ok, but wasn't really the creamy taste I was looking for.  I'll have to experiment with that a bit.  Anyway, everyone said it turned out very nice, so that's good.

 I wish I'd thought of taking pictures of it before we ate half of it, but oh well.
Tomorrow night is the first T&G monthly summer party class.  We're not having regular classes until Sept 10th, but to keep people going we're doing a party night one Monday a month in June, July and August.  In the past we've continued classes into late June, then taken a complete break until late Sept.  So this is an experiment for us.  We're hoping we'll keep our newer dancers and our experienced folk more interested this way.  People bring easy finger foods and we do about six dances for fun, no teaching.

At the board meeting we decided to plan on performing at the Trailing of the Sheep in October 2013.  In 2013 they are focusing on Idaho's Scottish sheep-herding history, as opposed to the Basque, Polish, and other ethnic groups that came over to work sheep in Idaho's earliest days.  It's a big event that's been around a long time, and they have lots of good groups there - pipe bands, and professional folk dance troupes.  So if we commit to doing it, we have to prepare a much bigger show than we usually do.  At least five or more dances, plus our great kilt demo, and perhaps some Scottish Ladies Step dance.  We're hoping The Bru can play as well, for us and on their own, to give us little breaks.  With all of that we should be able to fill a decent amount of time.

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