Friday, June 8, 2012


I've been having trouble with my left foot since early this year.  At first it was just occasional pain under my second toe, but it didn't go away and became more and more constant. Around March it got so I couldn't dance on the balls of my feet for more than a few minutes in class.  So I went to a podiatrist.  After various tests, including an MRI, he figured out it was probably an injury to the plantar plate, that area under your foot at the base of your toes, where all the ligaments and tendons attach.  Evidently the tendons attached to my second toe were starting to degenerate.  In addition, the long bone inside my foot that's part of the second toe was too long.  So that bone was taking most of the impact when I danced.

On Wednesday this week I had surgery to hopefully correct these things.  He shortened the bone and repaired the tendons. This was the first time I've experienced a nerve block.  It worked great.  I had no pain at all until early this morning - sort of like walking on a block of wood.  It took at least 32 hours to wear off.  I have a walking boot, but I'm supposed to stay mostly off my foot until Sunday.  After that I can be a bit more mobile, but I'll be wearing the boot for six weeks.

I washed my hair in the bathroom sink today.  So I'm happy we replaced our bathroom faucet last month.  The new faucet spout is arched, with separate hot and cold taps.  So I can mix the water temperature and my head fits under the flow.  It would have been much harder with the old faucet hardware.

In other big news, I picked the first raspberries of the year today!  Just a few days ago they all looked pretty green.  It really feels like June when the raspberries start ripening.  Summer is here.

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