Monday, June 18, 2012

June Garden

Well, I have not had the opportunity to do as much in the garden this year as I'd like, especially with the foot surgery keeping me from doing things.  I'm pleased with how this bed is coming along.  I've moved and changed a few things, and I'm considering more changes.  I have a new veronica, the tall kind, in behind the lychnis.  The lychnis, that red flower you see on the right, is too big for its position and tends to fall over.  So it's getting moved to the new bed, and that blue veronica will get moved up so it's visible.

I got at least one big project started - the new garden area I chopped out of the weeds a few weeks ago, just before surgery.  So now I have the fun of finding things to put in it.  I dug up two more self-seeded things in other areas to move, as well as buying another plant, Weigela florida.  The local good nursery had a new variety of the variegated form for $35 in a 10-gal pot.  Uh, no.  So I hunted around and found the older variegated kind, weigela florida, in a 5 gal pot at a Home Depot, for $6.  Greenhurst definitely has more interesting/less common varieties of things - they had the particular rose I wanted for instance - but sometimes all you want is the good ol' regular stuff.  Of course I can't dig a hole for it right now, so it's waiting until hubby can help me get it planted.

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